TV Club: Inside Amy Schumer: “80s Ladies”

There’s a rich vein of nostalgia running through tonight’s Inside Amy Schumer, and it’s loaded with specificity that makes it both potent and pointed. That nostalgia extends beyond the titular 80s Ladies who clip-clop to the rescue in the show’s opening and return throughout to offer solace to the women of 2015, and it extends beyond the ’80s. “80s Ladies” namedrops ’80s fare like Weird Science, The Cosby Show, and Ghost, and alludes to Working Girl and Three Men And A Baby, but it also brings us glimpses of Bill Nye and Jerry Seinfeld. These images and icons from the 1980s and 1990s—Amy Schumer’s childhood and adolescence, not coincidentally—combine to signify simple unexamined comforts in a complicated world.

“80s Ladies” is about more than nostalgia. It’s about nostalgia as an escape from accountability, and the desire to reject the self-examination and guilt …

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