TV Club: Insecure puts on its big girl panties and sets this season into motion

Is Lawrence a good guy? While ”Hella Questions” actually provides a lot of answers––Lawrence and Issa’s 12-pump sex romp is definitively in the “fuck you fuck” column and their relationship is, at least for now, officially over––there’s still a lot of uncertainity when it comes to Lawrence’s actions. Sure, Insecure could’ve stretched the tension between Issa and Lawrence over a few more episodes, but it’s a far better choice for the show to just plow ahead with them apart. “Hella Questions” thrives because it finally forces Lawrence to consider his own desires and actions.

Lawrence has been painted as a “good guy” throughout most of Insecure. Sure, he spent two years on Issa’s couch figuring out his life, but that’s nowhere near adultery on the list of horrible things he could do. Mostly, as an audience, we’re asked to feel …

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