TV Club: Insecure moves past its awkward phase in a strong season premiere

Insecure‘s first season featured very few growing pains. It did what first seasons are supposed to do: introduced the characters, their world and their motivations. While a few moments felt stagnant, by the end of the season, the show had successfully built a world viewers wanted to live in. Issa and Molly’s friendship feels real. Issa’s heartbreak and regret over Lawrence pushed the show to emotional depths that made Insecure undeniably more than a “black show.” None of this should come as a surprise. Issa Rae’s talent as a writer and performer were clear since her web series, Awkward Black Girl. If anything, the first season of Insecure allowed Rae to prove herself to a wider audience. In “Hella Great,” it feels like Rae and Insecure finally have the space to dig into the world they’ve created.

When we last saw Issa, she was secure …

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