TV Club: Insecure isn’t here to tell you what’s “on fleek”

Out of all the web series making their TV debut this year, I was the most excited for Awkward Black Girl‘s transition to HBO’s Insecure. Awkward Black Girl succeeded at combining the most personal moments of being a black woman with humor. Yet there was always something a bit imperfect and, well, awkward about the narrative. In its pilot, Insecure stays true to the moments that made Awkward Black Girl great, but presents a polished, well-crafted episode that shows Issa Rae’s growth as a writer and actress. “Insecure as Fuck” also puts to rest any concerns that the move to HBO would take the focus of the show off of black female experiences. Insecure is black as hell, funny as hell and feels like the black female friendship-centered show we’ve been waiting for.

Insecure‘s pilot focuses on disappointment. On Issa’s birthday, she wonders if …

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