TV Club: In the world of The Magicians, no god is as scary as a really effective plumber

As far as Magicians finales go, at least a lot more people survived this one. Well, until that lamprey catches up with Alice.

For a finale, a lot of what happens here is less about the resolution of various season-long dilemmas, and more about setup for the new season. The last episode finally dealt with Reynard, and in this one, Ember and Umber are dispatched before too much time has passed in the episode, and the remainder of the time is used for putting everyone in place for next season. Magic is gone, Eliot and Margo are struggling with democracy, Kady and Penny have all kinds of problems, and Julia might be the only hope.

But this mix of the present and the future makes it a somewhat low-stakes finale, which is a little surprising for a show that’s generally so heavy on plot. And it’s disappointing to …

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