TV Club: In the wake of the election, South Park doesn’t have much to say

If there was ever a time for the current season of South Park to kick it into high gear—to amp up the sex, violence, absurdism, and general profaneness, it was in its post-election episode. But, like many of us, Trey Parker and Matt Stone currently seem to be in a state of numbness, wandering around in a stupor as they try to think of something helpful or—most importantly—funny to say.

And who can blame them? As with much of the world, they were caught off-guard by Donald Trump’s presidential victory, so much that they had to rewrite the latest episode. “The Very First Gentleman” likely drew its comedic power from an almost universally predicted Hillary Clinton win and Bill Clinton’s First Husband status that would have come with it (more on that in a bit). But under its new title of “Oh, Jeez,” it draws …

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