TV Club: In The Good Fight’s first season finale, chaos disrupts everyone’s lives

Controlled chaos is the oxymoronic space where The Good Fight does its best work. Best exhibited by its very extra opening sequence, The Good Fight revels in chaos but in tightly executed, beautifully crafted chaos. Its season one finale, aptly titled “Chaos,” weaves several dense plot lines together without ever going off the rails.

Guided by fluid, urgent direction from Robert King, the interlocking stories all bleed into one another seamlessly. Diane rushes away in an elevator to meet Kurt, who is in the hospital after injuries from saving a baby from a carjacker, just as the entire DOJ bursts out of the adjacent elevator, storming the office to apprehend Lucca. Yes, there’s chaos, but it isn’t sloppy or clumsy. In fact, “Chaos” is one of the more cogent and connected episodes of the first season, bringing some of the series’ central themes into play as it snakes …

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