TV Club: In the face of adversity, GLOW cleans up rather nicely

Despite the looming depression G.L.O.W. possibly never coming to fruition and everyone proving themselves the failures that society and their families believe them to be, “The Liberal Chokehold” manages to be a pretty fun episode of GLOW. There’s somewhat of a perceived lack of true conflict at this particular point, as series’ entire premise at least promises that the G.L.O.W. pilot will happen. There’s no guarantee it will go well either, but all it really has to do at this point is go better than the “success” that was the preview show. So because we’re not quite there yet, “The Liberal Chokehold” puts the pieces together in more of a character-driven episode, one last look into what drives these characters, before it’s lights, cameras, action.

Bash returns in this episode, and if we thought he was a mess back in …

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