TV Club: In the dawn of the Trump era, the satire on South Park writes itself

Although Trey Parker and Matt Stone seem as worried as the rest of us about a Donald Trump presidency, at least it makes their job a little bit easier. As “Members Only” proves, the satire writes itself. Parker and Stone didn’t have to imagine Garrison/Trump getting ushered around the Pentagon, receiving top military secrets, resources, and weapons in an extremely brief period of time. That event actually happened.

This shrouds the entire scene in a cold wave of heartbreak. At first, it’s amusing to watch Garrison plot how he’s going to use the new intel for personal gain and revenge (“So I can do whatever the fuck I want in here, right?”). But then one remembers (or ‘members) that Donald Trump did get briefed on the nation’s “deep secrets” this past week. He will have access to the nuclear codes in a little over two …

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