TV Club: In The Americans’ season finale, the deadliest weapon is the one you can’t see

It hadn’t really sunk in until William crushed the vial into his palm, but biological warfare makes a poignant Americans metaphor. Germs are just the right weapons of mass destruction for a show of this scale, and the way lassa fever destroys William from the inside is what the agents of Directorate S are supposed to be doing to the United States. There’s a crucial difference there, though: The illegals are supposed to chase destruction with change. William’s microscopic “unwelcome guest,” by contrast, just leaves behind a leaky corpse.

When the antibodies swarm to flush William out of the U.S., the process is depicted in fine detail. We’ve seen this sort of thing from The Americans before: It’s the slow-speed car chase from “Open House,” or Matthew telling Paige that catching spies is “more than car chases” in “A Roy Rogers In Franconia.” The …

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