TV Club: In Riverdale, you can’t go home again

Riverdale is back, so let’s get right into it. “Chapter Eight: The Outsiders” fills in more of Riverdale‘s blanks when it specifically comes to the Jason Blossom escape, but it’s a rather tame episode in comparison to the chaos and excitement in the past few episodes. Although, it’s not really that surprising when you can instantly describe this episode as “the one where the girls do a baby shower and the boys do construction.” As far as over-the-top displays of any possible genre it can get its hand on go, this week’s episode stays quite low to the ground and pretty much in one teen drama gear. Even Alice Cooper is essentially a full-blown human instead of Disney villain in this particular episode, and while that allows the Blossom women to get a little more time for their own drama queen antics, they’re not …

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