TV Club: In its second episode, The Expanse inches forward

Second episodes often repeat patterns established in the first as a way to cement them in viewers’ minds (or because the writers are still figuring out what to do next). Oddly enough, The Expanse confirms to the trend, for good and for ill. While its heavy serialization would make it seem a poor candidate for a repetitive episodic structure, “The Big Empty” follows the same route as “Dulcinea,” more or less. Once again we have three storylines, and once again, the biggest suspense comes from Holden’s thread. Miller is still tracking down Julie, in between revealing whose side he’s really on when it comes to the Belters vs. the Elites; while Avasarala continues to investigate her suspicions of the captured Belter.

We learn more information in these latter two sequences. Miller’s scenes show us he’s a smart investigator, and also help to fill in what life …

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