TV Club: In its second episode, Life In Pieces is already too cozy

Life In Pieces’ second episode suggests the show’s ambitions are a shade lower than the pilot led viewers (and this reviewer) to believe. While there was never any question that CBS and creator Justin Adler viewed Life In Pieces as a comfy ensemble family sitcom of the lucrative Modern Family ilk, the series’ short story structure as presented in the pilot hinted at a narrative adventurousness that “Interruptus Date Breast Movin’” already walks back a few steps.

First, the show, which in its first outing was content to let the sprawling family’s interrelationships emerge in allusive snatches, here takes every opportunity to fill in the blanks with the sort of bald exposition people who know each other well don’t need. So in the first story, where Thomas Sadoski’s Matt catches a very unwanted glimpse of the primal scene when he bursts in on parents James Brolin …

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