TV Club: In its season finale, The Man In The High Castle twists reality

“A Way Out” turns out to be a microcosm of this first season as a whole, with all the flaws and virtues that implies. There are revelations and cliffhangers and a final twist worthy of debate, but also the same problems with pacing and character development that have been present all along. The destination is worth the journey, but it was a close call.

The biggest problem, as ever, is Joe. After Frank and Juliana have finished watching the film that depicts Joe dressed in a Nazi uniform shooting Frank in the head, Joe arrives to tell them he hasn’t found a way out of town and to retrieve the film. They fight over it, but Joe gets away with the film and heads to the Nazi embassy, leaving Frank and Juliana to plead with Karen and Lem to find them a way out. Karen agrees, but of course …

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