TV Club: In its latest episode, Kingdom’s not playing to its strengths

I’ve been doing my best to avoid reading too much into the fact that this is the final season of Kingdom. Creator and writer Byron Balasco didn’t know for certain that this batch of 10 episodes would be the show’s last, though he did say that he writes every season with some sense of finality. And this bears out when you consider the finales of the previous seasons: The first ended with Jay and Ryan mounting successful comebacks, while the second season wrapped on an optimistic note (all things considered), even after shattering the relative calm. Just four episodes into season three, it’s hard to tell where this is all going. The possibilities are there, though. We have Alvey’s big fight, Ryan losing—and maybe finding—his way again, Lisa recommitting to the business to fill the void in her personal life (the Kulinas have …

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