TV Club: In its fourth episode, The Mist stops being horrifying and starts getting hilarious

The very worst thing horror can be is lazy. Even the schlockiest, lowest-budget B-movies—the stuff usually found in bargain bins or used as fodder for the Mystery Science Theater crew—have a certain heart and energy that allows you to ignore the obvious seams running up the monster’s back. But man, The Mist‘s fourth installment, “Pequod,” was a lazy hour of television. Director T.J. Scott and writer Andrew Wilder knew exactly which beats they wanted to hit, set-pieces they wanted to display, and themes they wanted to get across. But the roads they took to get there were, at best, illogical. At worst, it was genuinely laugh out loud funny.

Take, for example, the scene inside The Book End. Without context, it’s terrifying; two children trapped in a confined space with a hulking shadow-monster. But it’s impossible to ignore that the only reason the …

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