TV Club: In a Reign battle, three queens enter, an indeterminate number of queens leave

The narrative question in Reign splitting up its queens is how it would balance their stories. “Intruders” tackles it head-on, putting each queen in crisis, making her fight her way through, and leaving it to us to decide who wins.

Catherine’s subplot is the simplest: the Red Knights want Catherine dead, and Charles is the price. It’s honestly too simple, particularly once we add Charles’ friend having a sudden change of heart. Naturally, Catherine’s infiltration gambit is smarter than any of the Red Knights gives her credit for, and the ambush takes care of a handful of her tormentors without her even breaking a sweat. (It doesn’t resolve Charles’ flight, though I’m not sure any of us were riddled with suspense as to whether the only reigning monarch left in France was going to perish.) This was meant purely to be Catherine’s playground, and …

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