TV Club: In a bitter finale, Reign goes gloriously for broke

“There can only be one queen.”

This show has always been unpredictable. It leaps blithely into and out of the historical timeline; it carries incisive commentary on the perils of trying to wield power as a woman in a system designed for men, and also the Queen of France once cleaned up the corpse of a woman her husband sexed to death. For better or for worse, I put absolutely nothing past this show.

And “Spiders In A Jar” is about as perfect an episode of Reign as one could ask for. So many things happen that a list of plot points would beggar belief, but they all work together, mounting evidence that war is so much more robust than peace that the latter is impossible. The three queens run into immovable forces, accept their losses, and try to come to grips with their loneliness; also, Catherine invites an entire …

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