TV Club: Idiotsitter attempts to squeeze two episodes into one

With Gene’s parents out of the way this week, Billie and Gene get to spend some much needed one-on-one time together. Seeing as the dynamic between the two characters—and really, the dynamic between Charlotte Newhouse and Jillian Bell—is the best part of the show, “Fumigation” is, for the most part, a delightful episode. It’s anchored by two of the strongest sequences of the season so far which, unsurprisingly, rely entirely on Billie and Gene. When more people are added to the equation, the episode falters a bit. It takes two premises that could have easily bolstered their own episodes (Billie and Gene have a sleepover and Billie and Gene go to a club) and smashes them together, and it leaves a lot to be desired from both.

Because let’s be real: That slumber party could have made for an outstanding bottle episode. Billie and Gene …

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