TV Club: Hurricane Monica returns to Shameless

Monica Gallagher is a blunt instrument. While Chloe Webb does a good job of bringing shades to the character, there is no universe where Monica’s return to Shameless is going to play out as a subtle investigation of anything in particular. She is a force of nature, and has thusly been deployed sparingly—she has, all told, appeared in only ten episodes through seven seasons of the show, and only two since the end of season two.

“Ouroboros” may not grind the season to a halt in light of Monica’s return, but it interrupts every storyline. We find Debbie’s fight with Derek’s family in progress, the police doing nothing and Fiona facilitating as best she can, but then Monica shows up, takes a baseball bat to the house, and helps bring Franny back to the family. Ian and Trevor are still working through their relationship, but …

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