TV Club: Humans zooms out to see a bigger picture in season two

The first season of Humans saw the advent of humanoid robot servants, or synths, as a chamber drama, a microscopic view of relationships buckling under the pressure of the new world order. If the premiere is anything to go on, the second season zooms out to find a globe-trotting political thriller. The episode hops all over the map from a Bolivian mine to a Berlin nightclub. New characters stand in for powerful institutions, like Silicon Valley tech capitalist Milo Khoury (Marshall Allman, which is a pretty on-the-nose surname for a Humans cast member). And interpersonal ethical dilemmas are yielding to bigger questions, like how a conscious synth might fit into the justice system. Loath as I am to keep calling Humans promising, the premiere is just setting up the dominoes. So far the design is beautiful.

Take Niska, the conscious synth who killed a human, swiped the hard-won code to …

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