TV Club: Humans prepares to debate the measure of a woman

The big story this week once again revolves around Niska, the antihero trying to make good. More and more she’s looking like this season’s Mia, the star synth whose relationship with Laura anchors the show’s drama. To that end, Laura negotiates, or rather accepts absolutely with no questions asked, a deal for Niska to turn herself over to an independent inspector who will rule on Niska’s consciousness. If the inspector finds that Niska’s a conscious being, she’ll have a fair trial—this on the word (specifically the word, “mmhmm”) of a woman who can’t seem to look Laura in the eye and whose voice jumps an octave when asked. If not, she’ll be incinerated like every other manslaughterous synth. It’s a big deal, with implications for all of synthdom and the immediate stakes of Niska’s very survival. The momentous story …

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