TV Club: Humans’ latest twists speed the story along

The first three episodes of Humans season two weren’t comprised entirely of table setting, but things did slow down a bit after the globe trotting of the premiere. So I was glad to see this midseason entry feint throw feints at us while also drawing a line in the sand. In some cases, the table’s just been cleared. A lot happens in “Episode 4,” as the action skips back and forth among various little groups: from Leo and Hester’s ousting of Max, to their stakeout at Qualia; from Ed and Mia’s intimate bedroom moment to an even greater reveal at the assisted living facility where his mom lives (for now); and from the interrogation/testing room to the Hawkins home. We could call it catching up with everyone, but the camera never really lingers; instead, hopes are dashed and new intrigues introduced.

That sense of urgency …

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