TV Club: Humans: “Episode 8”

I can’t believe that worked. By “that” I mean just about everything that happens in the season one finale of Humans, a climax designed mainly to keep all the balls in the air for season two. Sure, the cliffhanger gets resolved. It’s just that everything goes back to the way it was afterward. The conscious synths get freed thanks to the world’s least threatening ransom followed by the world’s luckiest escape—an entire platoon makes it from the center of a park to a sea of protestors unnoticed—and apparently Fred is less advanced than On-Star because simply turning him off makes him untraceable. So the conscious synths go back wherever they were when we started and the Hawkinses go home to crack bad jokes and laugh off the trauma they’ve inflicted on their youngest, and there are no consequences for anyone outside the Millican …

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