TV Club: Humans: “Episode 7”

“Why does she want to hurt us?” Mia asks her sister when she finds out Karen tried to kill her.

“She’s angry that we left her,” Niska replies.

“Is that all?”

Good question, Mia. As usual the emotional logic propelling these characters, humans and conscious synths alike, isn’t the most sensible part of Humans. The AMC-Channel 4 adaptation toned down the kitsch of Sweden’s Real Humans, but now the arbitrary ways characters behave in order to get to certain plot points sticks out. Karen has always been the most together of the conscious synths. She’s built herself a life. She found a job working in a field she cares about that benefits her community. She has a friend, maybe others. She ought to have been bright enough to choose someone a little more on her side than Pete, who’s a gust of wind away from …

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