TV Club: Humans: “Episode 5”

You can tell “Episode 5” is off to a weak start when it begins by contradicting “Episode 4.” Last we saw Laura and Joe, they were resolute about keeping Anita for all her quirks, and now Laura and Joe are ready to ship Anita off because she’s an ancient model who’s been illegally modified and such. But wait! A couple lines into the scene and Laura flip-flops again: “So Anita’s old and weird,” she tells Joe. “If that’s a good enough reason to get rid of her, then we’re next.” First of all, make up your mind. But more importantly, that’s at least in the running for the dumbest argument to come out of a Hawkins’ mouth, and that’s saying a lot. Anita is not a human being. Mia is, or is close enough anyway, but they don’t know about Mia. This …

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