TV Club: Humans: “Episode 2”

“Unless there is a fault, sir,” a voice on the phone tells George, “there are no grounds for replacing or returning your assigned care unit.”

“Your assigned care unit.” Finally, some straight-up dystopian language. “Episode 2” moves like a soap opera, incrementally advancing every story without much concern for a unifying bow, which at least means there’s no nonsense Mohinder monologue. The story that digs the deepest is poor George trying to shake his new synth, Vera (Rebecca Front). As the episode goes on, we learn a few unsettling things about her. First, she disobeys George’s orders, serving him a healthier breakfast than the one he asks for. Then she reveals she reports any violation of George’s medication intake to his GP. Finally, it turns out, she snitches on way more than medication. Any time she makes a recommendation that George disobeys, she tattles on him. Because …

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