TV Club: Human sound effects animate “Scoundrels” on Drunk History

Rich Fulcher, a.k.a. the human soundboard, returns to Drunk History for an episode all about scoundrels. He’s one of Drunk History‘s veteran narrators, but despite his familiarity with the form, he never seems overly rehearsed. Even some first-time narrators get too in their heads about being funny, and then repeat retellers tend to try to outdo themselves or put too much thought into recreating the things they did well the first time. Not Fulcher. He never seems like he’s performing. He gets so lost in his story that he has trouble snapping back into reality. Sometimes, he doesn’t even make total sense, seemingly telling inside jokes to himself. But that mix of natural weirdness and vocal dynamics makes for a wild ride. There’s a reason Derek Waters keeps bringing him back.

And this time around, Fulcher has some of the best reenactors in …

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