TV Club: How To Get Away With Murder reveals who shot Annalise in carefully plotted midseason finale

How To Get Away With Murder is usually at its best during beginnings and ends. The season two premiere remains one of the best episodes of the series. The writers are great at setting up the initial pieces and planting the long-term mystery. Even with the season’s ups and downs, the question of who shot Annalise has been a pressing one with much higher stakes than last season’s question of who killed Sam. And Murder also usually delivers strong on the endings. Just as the writers set up the pieces with a lot of attention to detail, they knock them down just as deftly. Tonight’s “What Did We Do?” is just a midseason finale, but it certainly feels like one of those carefully executed bookends, answering the majority of season two’s biggest questions so far but also, in standard Murder fashion, introducing a new puzzle to …

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