TV Club: How To Get Away With Murder returns and can’t stop fixating on the past

I didn’t keep an exact count, but gun to my head, I’d guess there were approximately 75 flashbacks in tonight’s return of How To Get Away With Murder. This show sure does love to bend time. And sometimes, it helps build tension and heighten the stakes. Tonight, however, almost every single flashback could have been cut without much being lost. The episode opens two weeks after Wes shot Annalise, but we bounce back several (okay, so maybe not 75, but it sure felt like it) times to two weeks prior and one week prior as the episode attempts to fill in the blanks of the shooting’s direct aftermath.

The flashbacks are strangely ineffective. On the one hand, it seems the writers are employing them to follow the “show, don’t tell” rule. Instead of all the characters in the present just talking about what happened to …

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