TV Club: How To Get Away With Murder isn’t getting away with this sloppy storytelling

How much do we really need to know about what happened 10 years ago? But honestly. Answers to what happened between Annalise and Wes’s mom would be nice, especially since we’ve been waiting for so damn long. But the way the show is now slowly doling out tidbits of the past is starting to undercut the urgency. Thanks to a headline shown approximately a million times over the course of the episode, we know that Annalise was working on a case involving a hedge fund heir named Charles Mahoney who was on trial for murder. And Wes’s mother has something to do with it. Well all of that could have been established with one flashback instead of the several that we get—several that don’t add substance—or even useful context—to the story. No one wants to see Annalise and Sam being some cute couple …

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