TV Club: How To Get Away With Murder: “Hello Raskolnikov”

This week’s returning episode of How To Get Away With Murder attempts to use a lot of fancy editing to obscure the fact that it’s mostly just an hour-long recap. Most serialized shows require an info-dump episode from time to time, but this isn’t even so much of an info dump as it is an info recycler. The episode spends a lot of time in the police interviews of Annalise, Wes, Bonnie, Laurel, Michaela, Asher, and Connor, who all tell a combination of truths and lies to the cops about the events leading up to Sam’s death. Their statements are interspersed with quick jumps back to what actually happened—most of which we’ve already seen. It’s some sleek editing, but beyond the spectacle, there isn’t much there, which continues to be the show’s greatest problem. Sure, the show has been on its …

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