TV Club: How To Get Away With Murder gets more queer in second season

As the show has become known to do, How To Get Away With Murder packs a whole lot of twists into its second season premiere. By the end, Rebecca’s murderer has already been revealed, a few new murders are added to the show’s body count, and a flashforward reveals Annalise Keating collapsed on the floor, bleeding out from a bullet wound. Wait—what? We’ll get to that in a bit though. Because I first want to talk about the only moment in tonight’s episode that actually made me gasp and cover my mouth. Tonight on How To Get Away With Murder, Famke Janssen joins the show as Eve, a lawyer who happens to be Annalise’s ex-girlfriend.

I wouldn’t exactly call this a twist. “Twist” implies some sort of narrative trick. Twists, often, are the result of valuing plot over character. Twists are used to …

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