TV Club: How intentional (and funny) is the formula of Moonbeam City’s second episode?

Remember how in the first episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the sentient fast food items were kind of, sort of a crime-fighting team? And how the show abandoned that conceit so quickly that its very title was rendered even more surreal than it already was? I thought of that quick progression during the second episode of Moonbeam City, which takes only minutes to disassociate itself with the business of even spoofing a police procedural – in contrast to the pilot, which took a solid twelve minutes or so. For the first few minutes of the episode, set at a “children’s rave” sponsored by the city (and later revealed to be mandatory), Rob Lowe’s Dazzle Novak seems vaguely assigned to supervise the event and/or prevent some manner of wrongdoing, and attempts to stop a petty bike theft in between his attempts to drop the bass.

But once Dazzle …

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