TV Club: House Of Cards: “Chapter 37”/”Chapter 38”

After a meandering string of episodes in which the various storylines spun aimlessly away from the center, to the point where it often felt like many of the characters didn’t even occupy the same show, House Of Cards pulls it back together for the stretch run. As if in acknowledgement of the pointlessness that ran rampant in the preceding hours, Claire dyes her hair blonde again after going dark for a couple of episodes. Sometimes it’s important to give the people what they want.

That’s a message that’s lost on Frank Underwood, who prefers to tell both his potential voters and the people closest to him that they are entitled to nothing. Frank has been making this mistake all season, as the arrogance and ego that come along with the Oval Office have combined to diminish his manipulation skills. The velvet glove is gone, leaving only …

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