TV Club: House Of Cards: “Chapter 33”/“Chapter 34”

Whatever momentum might have been gained from the battle of the Underwoods at the end of “Chapter 32” is frittered away with a pair of meandering, drama-deprived episodes that essentially hit the reset button on the entire season. It’s fitting that the episodes climax with a hurricane that never actually hits, instead drifting harmlessly out to sea. Storm clouds keep gathering, but the only result is lukewarm drizzle.

“Chapter 33”is a particularly oddly-structured installment, opening with Frank and Claire renewing their vows at a church in Gaffney, jumping back to the immediate aftermath of the Underwood blowup, then skipping between the two timelines except for an extended section devoted to the adventures of Doug Stamper. Not that it’s hard to keep the timelines straight: the Underwoods are dressed in black when things are bad and in white when they get better. (Also, Claire has changed her hair …

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