TV Club: House Of Cards: “Chapter 27” & “Chapter 28”

At the end of my review of the House Of Cards season two finale, I posed the question, “Who is Frank Underwood now that he’s achieved everything he set out to accomplish?” The third season premiere wastes no time in letting us know (as if there could be any doubt) that President Underwood is not a kinder, gentler Frank. The cold open finds Frank back in Gaffney visiting his father’s grave; out of view of the press, he pisses on the tombstone. Three seasons in, no one has ever accused this character, or this show, of subtlety.

As it turns out, becoming president isn’t the key to fulfillment and happiness Frank might have hoped. He’s got the title and the office, but the power he craves remains frustratingly out of reach. If there was a honeymoon period for the Underwood administration, we don’t see it …

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