TV Club: Homeland springs back to life with a villain in its crosshairs

“The Litvinov Ruse” is the episode Homeland‘s fifth season has been slowly, steadily, sometimes frustratingly building toward. It’s a natural extension of everything that led up to it, and yet it still feels like a corrective to a season with too many countdowns and too few launches. It’s also completely worth the wait. After “All About Allison,” even with only four episodes left I wasn’t prepared to take for granted that the pace was about to pick up. After all, Homeland has never been a show with predictable or traditional rhythms, and it probably never will be. Season four built to the shocking reveal of Dar Adal consorting with the enemy, then immediately shifted to Carrie and Quinn’s romantic feelings and Carrie’s attempts to make nice with her estranged mother. There was nothing to suggest that the Allison reveal would kick the season into …

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