TV Club: Homeland finds a fitting end to its worst season ever

Is Carrie Mathison about to become a terrorist? The likely answer is no, but that’s the question I was left with at the end of “America First.” The final shot of Carrie gazing at the U.S. Capitol with equal awe and disdain echoes the final shot of the pilot, which found Nicholas Brody looking at the same edifice the same way as he planned a devastating terror attack. And Carrie would probably feel justified in taking her revenge, since Peter Quinn died protecting President-Elect Keane only to watch her take office and become a president unworthy of Quinn’s final act of sacrifice. But more than anything, “America First” is such a deeply implausible and phony episode, a radicalized Carrie wouldn’t be any harder to believe than the crimes committed by Dar Adal and his treasonous “deep state” co-conspirators.

“America First” picks up where “R Is For …

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