TV Club: Hints of potential can’t save a weak Iron Fist

On a character and storytelling level, the last eight minutes of this episode (Danny and Davos’ conversation in the car and Danny and Colleen’s confrontation in the rain) are perhaps the best Iron Fist has ever been. They offer a more human, relatable version of Danny, and they inject some much-needed genuine human emotion into what has been a fairly stilted season of TV. Unfortunately, the episode leading up to those final eight minutes is kind of a slog. And charming though she may be, even the return of Claire Temple isn’t enough to jazz it up.

Me watching Iron Fist

If there’s one thing “Lead Horse Back To Stable” clarifies, it’s just how psychologically damaged Danny is. As Davos explains to Claire, K’un-Lun’s philosophy on dealing with emotions is more “bottle them up” than “talk it out.” And Claire points out to Danny …

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