TV Club: High Maintenance ends season one on a you-know-what note

We’ve all checked out A&E’s Hoarders at one point or another. We’ve even caught an episode or two of its TLC knockoff, Hoarding: Buried Alive. (Where despite the suggestive title, participants are decidedly not buried alive.) Although both shows explore the toll of being dragged down by life’s clutter, they do somewhat of a disservice to the concept of clutter; it isn’t always plastic Burger King tumblers and towering stacks of National Geographic. Often, the things suffocating us are far less tactile. They don’t take up physical space in our homes, but can occupy serious real estate in our heads.

High Maintenance’s season finale “Ex” sizes up this notion from a couple of vantage points. Story one reunites us with Patrick (played to heartstring-tugging perfection by Michael Cyril Creighton), the genial and earnest, stocky and bearded lad from the 2013 webisode “Helen.” Although …

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