TV Club: High Maintenance affectionately puts dads “on blast”

Dads, amirite? They come in various shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicities. They’re also a hell of a parental crapshoot: Some are fantastic, others complete shit, and most end up somewhere in the middle, straddling the line between role models and cautionary tales. Our relationships with them can be further muddled once we fly the coop; the paradox being we’re no longer children, yet we’re still their children. This is stage two of a lifelong relationship dynamic—a reshuffling of the deck that often veers into uncharted territory. “Tick” presents two warts-and-all examples of this framework, while never attempting some sort of heavy-handed stab at the answers.

Story one follows Wei (Clem Cheung) and Joon (Kristen Hung), an elderly Chinese couple living above a Brooklyn liquor store. Their days are spent scrounging the streets for cans and bottles, which they sell to a nearby recycling plant. Despite this …

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