TV Club: Heroes Reborn gets off to a (mostly) fresh start

Sharing its title with the series finale of Heroes, the sequel’s premiere picks up several years after the closing events of the first “Brave New World.” Claire’s series-ending demonstration of her abilities to the world spins the universe of Heroes Reborn off in a new direction, allowing the writers to skip the now-familiar origin story beats that bog down many a superhero introduction. Instead, Heroes Reborn opens with a devastating terrorist attack that shatters the pro-evo (short for evolved human) movement and prompts federal regulation against evos, pushing those with abilities underground. It’s a smart move by creator Tim Kring and the rest of the creative team, immediately adding stakes to the proceedings and fueling the anti-evo sentiment that allows Luke (Zachary Levi) and Joanne (Judith Shekoni) to go on an evo killing spree unnoticed and the insidious Renautas company to operate with apparent ease.

The Odessa …

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