TV Club: Hart Of Dixie: “Bluebell”

“Do you think all small towns are like this one?”

“I’d like to think so, but something tells me probably not. I know I love ours.”

Why do you fall head over heels for one show and not another? There exists a very particular alchemy between television show and viewer, one that is difficult to explain but feels a lot like falling in love. The initial infatuation, the growing obsession, followed by the inevitable cooling off period before settling into a more comfortable, sustainable relationship—all akin to your very own television romance, and all existing because something about a show clicks with something inside you as a viewer in a way only you can understand. Over the last four years, Hart Of Dixie was this show for me.

Debuting at a time when The CW seemed about as far away from its WB roots as it could possibly …

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