TV Club: Harrison Wells returns as The Flash gets back to basics

“Magenta” isn’t a perfect episode of The Flash by any means, but it does steer the season of its early skid by setting aside convoluted timeline talk, putting the focus squarely on the characters we’ve come to love, and injecting a welcome dose of levity into the proceedings. Bringing Harry Wells back into the fold certainly doesn’t hurt, as Tom Cavanagh’s absence was keenly felt in this season’s first two episodes. The team is back in place (it’s probably safe to assume some reasonable excuse for Harry and Jesse sticking around Earth-1 will arise sooner than later) and more or less back to normal (Cisco appears to have emerged from his funk), and these are good signs that The Flash is back on track.

Harry’s return makes sense, as there was every reason to believe Jesse’s exposure to dark matter toward the …

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