TV Club: Happyish: “Starring Samuel Beckett, Albert Camus And Alois Alzheimer”

Showtime’s Happyish is immediately familiar to anyone who has watched cable television in the last 10 years or so. Thom Payne (Steve Coogan) is a middle-aged white male with a steady job and a beautiful wife named Lee (Kathryn Hahn in the premiere’s standout performance); and yet there’s just something about his life that’s keeping him from being truly happy. His work at an advertising agency doesn’t seem as pure as it used to, what with all these young guns coming in and squeezing out the old guard with their ideas linked to social media and brand presence. As if that’s not enough, Thom’s relatively comfortable home life also presents a handful of issues to fret over: he’s suffering from erectile dysfunction and, perhaps the greatest sin of all, he’s worried that his son might be a pussy (his words).

The …

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