TV Club: Hannibal: “The Wrath Of The Lamb”

From the very first episode to what is now likely its last, Hannibal has subverted expectations. It was a show that could have coasted on its source material bonafides, relying on its then-trendy serial killer hero-villain. But instead it became an epic love story between two men who found the missing piece within themselves in each other. It was operatic and artistic, funny and exciting. It found beauty in the grotesque in a way that was completely different from the other screen versions of Thomas Harris’ characters. It didn’t even follow the Harris narrative, subbing in characters for others, changing genders, replacing body horror with psychological horror and vice versa. This show has explored so many other themes throughout its run — the everyday masks we wear to keep our true selves hidden, the duality of man, the idea of a constructed family — but it’s true purpose from is …

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