TV Club: Hannibal: The Number Of The Beast Is 666

Francis Dolarhyde has spent much of his time on Hannibal discussing his transformation, his becoming. He is in a transitory state. He is not yet the Red Dragon, but that is the final goal. “Becoming” denotes he is not yet there. Anything that stands in the way of this becoming, namely the humanity that Reba imbues him with, must be discarded.

Will Graham is already there. He has already become what he so desperately does not want to be and he can’t stop that part of his being. “Maybe you wanted to put Chilton at risk,” Bedelia tells Will. Of course, he did. Putting his hand on Chilton’s shoulder may have seemed like a moment of camaraderie between colleagues, but, as we learn, it was as a calculated a move on Will’s part on making sure that the location of his hideaway could be discerned by the …

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