TV Club: Hannibal: “The Great Red Dragon”

Well, hello Francis Dolarhyde.

The Hobbit‘s Richard Armitage joins the likes of Tom Noonan and Ralph Fiennes who have brought the Tooth Fairy to life. Armitage’s performance is wordless in his first appearance, so at odds with the other majors villains — including Hannibal himself — who have enjoyed playing with rhetoric. Hannibal has largely dealt with clever killers who have a way with words, but Dolarhyde does not use words at all. In fact, he struggles with them. The Red Dragon, the figure with which he is so obsessed comes from the William Blake painting, The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun, illustrating the figure from the Book of Revelation. It’s one of a series of four paintings that in the end show the Red Dragon failing at his purpose to steal the newly born Redeemer, yet revealing that he is not the only threat …

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