TV Club: Hannibal: Digestivo

One of the innovations that I appreciate about Hannibal is the show’s disregard for the season break. Much like the second season, the third season breaks in the middle when one storyline is up, in order for another one to begin. Mason Verger has served his purpose as a character, and now it’s time for something new. In this case, it’s the Red Dragon, the story where Hannibal had his first introduction to the (real) world. These breaks give the show an unexpected structure, making sure that stories are not lingered on for more than they need to be.

Look, we all knew this episode was going to be crazy. The end of “Dolce” essentially signalled as much. And that’s what this episode was, a mix of horror movie and fever dream with a heavy dash of camp. Mason Verger lorded over Will and Hannibal like …

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